My husband Mike and I are transplanted native Texans; in 1994, we moved to the Nashville, Tennessee region, where we have lived ever since. We have five children whom we homeschooled for seventeen years. They all graduated from homeschool and on their own. We are now adapting to the strange feeling of an empty nest, although our children—and our sons-in-law—frequently call us for advice, recipes and just to hang out together. Mike and I are also enjoying the wonderful experience of grandparenting our two – and soon to be three – baby granddaughters.

Homeschooling allowed me to follow my passion for writing. Since 1995, I have been a professional freelance writer; although I write on a wide range of topics, a large portion of my articles have been reviews and features on the entertainment industry, including movies. I have written entertainment articles for several print magazines including ParentLife and Bible Express. Online I have written entertainment articles for and was a contributing writer for the entertainment page at for over twelve years. I have been the National Christian Entertainment Examiner for for five years and the Senior Editor for the online entertainment magazine, for ten years. You’ve probably heard the old adage,

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is true whether it is a painting by Van Gogh, a sculpture by Michelangelo or a book by Dr. Seuss. However, set those pictures in motion and the story comes to life. Movies linger in our memories long after the screen has gone dark. They can spark interest in a topic or period of history, raise questions about issues and initiate dialogue between family members and friends. This is one reason I am excited about the Homeschool Movie Club.

I look forward to sharing news and information about movies and the moviemakers and providing you with helpful tools to enhance your homeschooling and family movie nights.

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