sydney & jon “jt” taylor

JT and I  live in Los Angeles where we homeschool our three children( who are elementary & preschool age).  We enjoy the adventure of homeschool and love being able to connect with our kid's hearts at this precious time. We also lead the Growing Families group at Bel Air Presbyterian church.  Professionaly, we both have worked in various aspects of the entertainment industry over the years, and think of ourselves primarily as musicians and songwriters.  I have worked in the music industry as a A&R music publisher and was a staff songwriter for Disney where I wrote and performed songs for film and tv.  I am currently enjoying the creative process of homeschooling and find that I am learning alongside my children and like being able to design and protect their childhood...and not miss a thing!  

JT is currently a freelance audio mixer for film & television.  Every day is different and he can be found behind the scenes on shows like Glee, America's Next Top Model, Survivor, doing 'behind the scenes' for Avatar, or on the red carpet for premieres. The highlight was mic'ing up Bono for a 1 and a half hour interview and being a part of the crew to film the final rehersal for their last tour. On the songwriting front, we have both been working together on a long term project of putting entire books of the bible to music.

We are excited about Homeschool Movie Club because, while we are very deliberate about the media we bring in our home, we also enjoy quality movies and love to use them  for educational purposes. We think movies can be great tools to punctuate a particular lesson you are teaching or create an opportunity for discussion. We hope to help give homeschoolers the tools they need to decide if a movie is something they want to watch, provide all the tools and free curriculum available to help maximize teachable moments, and have some fun with 'homeschool days', giveaways, and screenings. Many of our friends work in the industry and we are excited to be able to share opportunites with our 'HMC' friends that we have being able to let you know about special screenings or maybe glimpses into the behind the scenes world.  Ultimately we hope to create a fun community of homeschoolers who enjoy quality movies and help each other find new and old movies !

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