About Us

Homeschool Movie Club is a fun, online community created to help homeschooling families discover new and old movies, media, & curriculum that help augment their home education. We will also have special ‘homeschool day’ discounts, giveaways, curriculum, and special screenings for homeschoolers for movies that haven’t hit theaters yet. Our mission is to create a community & resource that will help families find the right movies to use for their home education and enjoyment.

sydney & jon “jt” taylor

JT and I live in Los Angeles where we homeschool our three children( who are elementary & preschool age). We enjoy the adventure of homeschool and love being able to connect with our kid's hearts at this precious time. We also lead the Growing Families group at Bel Air Presbyterian church. Professionaly, we both have worked in various aspects of the entertainment industry over the years, and think of ourselves primarily as musicians and songwriters. I have worked in the music industry as a A&R music publisher and was a staff songwriter for Disney where I wrote and performed songs for film and tv. I am currently enjoying the creative process of homeschooling and find that I am learning alongside my children and like being able to design and protect their childhood...and not mis.. READ MORE

robert bortins

Hi I’m Robert Bortins and I was homeschooled through high school and now I am the promotions and marketing director for Classical Conversation. Classical Conversations is a nationwide network of homeschooling communities that seek to know God and make Him known. I love watching movies and talking about them with friends and family. I am so excited to be involved with the homeschool movie club and being able to offer great discussion questions for your family and helping you choose movies that correspond to what you are learning in your educational endeavors... READ MORE

steve clark

Steve Clark is a “homeschool dad” who personally homeschooled his own children from 1998 through 2004. He and his wife, Katrina, live in Louisville, Kentucky, and have 5 children, ranging in age from 21 to 27. From 1997 to the present, Steve has worked with VideoText Interactive, where his main focus has been to advise and counsel parents who want to make sure that their children excel in high school math. In addition, Clark edited and produced “Life Skills for the Homeschooler,” a book that addresses dozens of practical issues that many homeschoolers forget to teach. Clark is also President of the Homeschool Speakers & Vendors Association, which helps homeschool speakers and vendors in the promotion of their products and services, with the goal of ensur.. READ MORE

paula k. parker

My husband Mike and I are transplanted native Texans; in 1994, we moved to the Nashville, Tennessee region, where we have lived ever since. We have five children whom we homeschooled for seventeen years. They all graduated from homeschool and on their own. We are now adapting to the strange feeling of an empty nest, although our children—and our sons-in-law—frequently call us for advice, recipes and just to hang out together. Mike and I are also enjoying the wonderful experience of grandparenting our two – and soon to be three – baby granddaughters. Homeschooling allowed me to follow my passion for writing. Since 1995, I have been a professional freelance writer; although I write on a wide range of topics, a large portion of my articles have been reviews an.. READ MORE